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Baby Jackal

Baby Black-back

On an early morning safari in Kruger Park, we came across this very inquisitive little […]

Rinkhals Release

I reported a couple of weeks ago on a Rinkhals that I rescued…… I am […]

Rinkhals Rescue

WildFrontier Safaris assisting with reptile conservation. I was called out to a nearby storage facility […]

Southern Ground Hornbill

We had this great sighting of a group of Southern Ground Hornbill in the Kruger. […]

Scorpion Hunting … with Jonathan Leeming

Our scorpion expedition was set up to be both an educational and adventure outing. The […]


Goodbye to Kruger’s Gentle Giant

It was with sadness that I heard the news last week that Duke, one of […]


Snake talk by Prof Graham Alexander

I was privileged to be at a meeting of our herpetological association where professor Graham […]

Young Elephant Bull

Kruger Safari pic of the day – Elephant bull

A young elephant bull nonchalantly munching grass on the side of the road in Kruger.