Kruger Park

Southern Ground Hornbill

We had this great sighting of a group of Southern Ground Hornbill in the Kruger. […]


Goodbye to Kruger’s Gentle Giant

It was with sadness that I heard the news last week that Duke, one of […]

Giraffe at sunset in Kruger

Kruger Safari pic of the day – Giraffe

This picture was taken in Kruger at sunset. The giraffe was in the perfect position […]


Kruger Safari pic of the day – Lioness

We came across this lioness between Tshokwane and Satara in Kruger Park. She was on […]

Lioness on the prowl

Kruger Safari pic of the day – Stalking Lioness

This lioness was stalking an impala ram. Her focus, determination and patience was amazing. Even […]

Water Monitor basking on rocks

Kruger Safari pic of the day – Water Monitor

We found this water monitor basking on the rocks in a brief moment of sunshine […]