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WildFrontier Safaris is a safari travel and tour company dedicated to providing our guests with an unrivaled African experience.
Our passion is for the amazing wildlife of this beautiful region of the planet.

Our guides are all well qualified and continually undergo further training to enhance their skills in order to provide a better experience to you our guests. Our guides are not only passionate about what they do, but also have an interest in conservation of our wildlife, photography, herpetology, and the promotion of South Africa as a premium holiday destination.
To this end they are committed to ensuring you have an experience of a lifetime when you join WildFrontier Safaris as your host while in South Africa, whether your trip is a wildlife safari, or a photographic safari.

All our Kruger safaris are conducted in certified open safari vehicles, which, are the best mode of transport to enhance your Kruger vacation. This vehicle allows you to not only get a better view of the animals due to the extra height, but allows you to experience the sounds an smells of the African bush and get more intimate exposure to nature than you would get in a closed vehicle.

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Shane2web Shane  – WildFrontier Safari Photographer

Our photography expert on our Kruger Photo Safari is Shane Rorke from 109 Photography. Shane will be on board to give on-the-spot advice and personalised assistance at each photo opportunity that we encounter.

Shane will guide you in the use of your equipment, the settings to use in different shooting situations, give advice on lighting and composition for you shots and evaluate your pictures and give commentary around the campfire at the end of an awesome day of shooting in the Kruger Park.

~ Shane Rorke ~ My love for photography began on a trip to America at the tender age of twelve. The tall, impressive buildings and busy streets of New York had my mum and I fighting over the camera. My love for the bush began much later. My first real trip to the bush was when I was twenty three, to the Kruger Park. I was immediately intoxicated by the sights and smells of the park. It was an ever changing landscape that gave a photographer so much scope, from the smallest insect to the grandest landscape. Once the bug had bitten there was no turning back. These days a trip to the bush is my favourite getaway, and luckily I manage to get out there at least three times a year. Every time I’m there, I fall in love with it even more. ~ Shane Rorke ~

FrankwebFrank  – WildFrontier Safari Guide

Frank is a dedicated guide with a passion for the bush and wildlife. He is knowledgeable and gets great reviews from travelers that have been on safari with him. Frank hails from Zimbabwe where he grew up in the African bush and developed a love for our awesome continent. Frank has been operating as a guide with us since 2008 and continues to enhance his training with regular courses and certifications through the Field Guide Association of South Africa.

Frank is also an avid herper, and as result has excellent knowledge of the snakes and other reptiles of Kruger Park. He is also a snake keeper, and performs rescue operations to catch and release snakes that get into difficulty through their contact with humans.

~ Frank ~ My greatest pleasure is spending time out in the African bush and learning about the diverse wildlife that Africa, and especially Kruger Park has to offer – and I am lucky enough to do it as my job. It never feels like work when it is something you enjoy and are passionate about. It is an honour for me to share the wonders of nature with our guests and if they change their perspective and look at the natural world and the environment with new eyes after being on safari with me, then I have achieved my goal. ~ Frank ~

We would like to be your hosts for your trip to South Africa, so if you are planning a visit to our part of the world ….. Contact us to arrange your African Adventure!

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