Walking Safaris

Walking SafarisWalking safaris are the best way to experience the African bush up close and personal. See the big and the small, and learn intimate details about the bush and it’s inhabitants.

We conduct these safaris in the Kruger National Park, or in southern Botswana. The walks are not terribly strenuous,  any person who can walk through a shopping mall can cope.

Our guides are well trained and passionate about what they do which ensures you will have a superb time exploring the wonders of the African bush on foot.

The structure of these tours can vary greatly in duration and level of “roughing it”.

We have tours that walk from camp to camp, or tours that are based at one camp and we walk out and back in different directions every day.

The Botswana walking safaris are based in comfortable tented camps. Enjoy the night sounds of the African bush through the walls ofMeals Tent your tent and eveninSleeping Quartersg meals in the romantic glow of lanterns. The walks themselves are in areas where the big five may be encountered, especially the majestic African elephant.

Our Kruger National Park based walks can be done as trails, sleeping in simple tented camps, or done from more established camps, depending on your preference.

All our rangers conducting the walks are highly trained and have excellent knowledge of the bush. The guides are continually furthering their training to enhance your bush walking experience. The rangers are trained to take you close enough to the animals to give you a great experience, but not so close as to disturb the animals or create a dangerous situation. Your safety is of paramount importance to us

Viewing HipposThese safaris are usually fully booked, and as a result you will need to book well in advance to ensure your place on one of our walking safaris.

To make an enquiry or book a place on one of our walking safari trips, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you explaining the details.


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… and leave your footprints in Africa.


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